Kobe 10 ‘Pain’ Release Links

Below are release links for the Kobe 10 ‘Pain’ which release 7/9/15 at 7 AM PST/10 AM EST. Click the link next to the store you want to purchase from and you will be taken to the correct page.

Kobe 10 ‘Pain’


Foot Locker- http://bit.ly/1HcyfHr

Eastbay- http://bit.ly/1Hcytyv

Champs Sports- http://bit.ly/1HcyQJa

Grade School:

Foot Locker- http://bit.ly/1Hcyjao

Eastbay- http://bit.ly/1HcyzGq

Champs Sports- http://bit.ly/1HcySkl


Foot Locker- http://bit.ly/1gpb5Hl

Eastbay- http://bit.ly/1gpbjhG

Champs Sports- http://bit.ly/1gpbCZS


Foot Locker- http://bit.ly/1gpbc5W

Eastbay- http://bit.ly/1gpbkSJ

Champs Sports- http://bit.ly/1gpbBoX