1/7/17 Release Links

Below are release links for sneakers dropping 1/7/17. Click the link next to the store you want to purchase from and you’ll be taken to the correct page.

Kobe AD ‘Chrome’

Eastbay- http://bit.ly/2i2RIHY

Foot Locker- http://bit.ly/2i2VpgB


Kyrie 3 ‘Warning’

Nike- https://bit.ly/2i0OOQI

Eastbay- http://bit.ly/2i0NxJi

Foot Locker- http://bit.ly/2i2Uahy

Champs- http://bit.ly/2i0PrtG

Air Jordan 31 ‘Black Toe’

Nike- https://bit.ly/2i0A1pg

Eastbay- http://bit.ly/2i2LI1K

Foot Locker- http://bit.ly/2i0PLsh

Air Jordan 15 OG

Nike- https://bit.ly/2i2XGZv

Foot Locker- http://bit.ly/2i0RHBb

Kyrie 3 ‘Samuari’

Foot Locker- http://bit.ly/2i0GYql